The Walrus Said reviews: 2016

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A Banquet of Consequences, by Elizabeth George

A Friend of Mr. Lincoln, by Stephen Harrigan

A Great Reckoning, by Louise Penny

Among the Living, by Jonathan Rabb

Bitter Crossing, by D. A. Keeley

Everybody's Fool, by Richard Russo

Fields of Battle, by John Keegan

My Name Is Resolute, by Nancy E. Turner

Nobody's Fool, by Richard Russo


Promised to the Crown, by Aimie K. Runyan

The Case of Lisandra P., by Hélène Grémillon

The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe, by Elaine Showalter

The Cold Dish, by Craig Johnson

The Constable's Tale, by Donald Smith

The Eastern Shore, by Ward Just

The Fever of 1721, by Stephen Coss

The King Without a Kingdom, by Maurice Druon

The Last Bookaneer, by Matthew Pearl

The Lily and the Lion, by Maurice Druon

The Poisoned Crown, by Maurice Druon

The Royal Succession, by Maurice Druon

The She Wolf, by Maurice Druon

The Shores of Tripoli, by James L. Haley

The Witches, by Stacy Schiff

Through the Perilous Fight, by Steve Vogel

The Worcester Lunch Car Company, by Richard J. S. Gutman

Valiant Ambition, by Nathaniel Philbrick

Vita Brevis, by Ruth Downie

Widowmaker, by Paul Doiron