Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: "The Inquisitor's Apprentice," Chris Moriarty

"Thirteen-year-old Sacha lives in New York City's Lower East Side at the turn of the 20th century. Or does he?" Kirkus Reviews asks. "The sights and sounds and smells, social ills and rampant racism and anti-Semitism all seem to be as they really were. But hexers are all around, and the regulars at the Metropole CafĂ© are learned witches and wizards from the top European universities. Astral Place is named for an important family, and J.P. Morgaunt rules just about everything. Sacha can see magic even when it’s hidden, so he is drafted into the Inquisitors, the arm of the police dedicated to eradicating magic, at least among the poor. What follows are wild adventures involving spells and dybbuks and deathly struggles between good and evil." The review says this is a "marvelous, mystical romp" that beckons readers into an "alternate universe and makes even the most bizarre elements totally believable."

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